jack (jacqualine) wrote in nazareth_hs,

shoes for sale.

Although I don't go to Nazareth.. I do live in Philly, and I do need to sell these volleyball sneakers. If you live in Philly, the shipping cost is dropped.

Womens Size 8 Asics Gel-Monsoon. White/Silver/Darkgray.

My sister is on the v-ball team at school and before the season started she bought court shoes to later learn that the whole team had to have the same type. She payed $66 for the pair she bought her self and then later had to pay $100 for the team shoes (and jersey and other fees.) She lost the return slip and had already tried on the shoes she had bought so she can't return them and desperately needs the money back (they were put on her credit card and shes a college student who is already in enough debt) so she's selling them. They are brand new and the extent of wear is that she tried them on. They are currently up for sale on ebay with a starting price of $55.00.

The Ebay Listing

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